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Jan 2, 2018 • By Pam

Create Your Best Life

Why Setting Intentions Works When Resolutions Fail

Most people start a brand new year off with at least one resolution.  We also know that resolutions rarely stick but think it’s because we lack willpower or some other form of self discipline.  I actually believe there are deeper spiritual reasons resolutions don’t work very well.
Resolutions often have an overtone of “I should” attached to them.  “I should exercise more” or “I should cut back on sugar.”  Throw in the word should and you instantly feel restricted or limited from what you really want to be doing.  That’s the secret to why resolutions usually fail.  If your subconscious knows that you really want to eat that cupcake even though you are telling yourself you should cut back on sugar, you have an internal battle going on that you may not even realize. The subconscious can be quite effective at self sabotage and your desire for that forbidden cupcake will become irresistible.
Now for the good news.  There is a kinder, gentler route to self improvement.
Intention, on the other hand works at a subconscious level and greatly improves your chances of success.  Intention works with the subconscious, turning it over to your higher self to bring your desire into reality without struggle.  When your subconscious is working on your behalf, resources will suddenly appear to help you, support will show up just when you need it and while effort will be required, you will find yourself supported in your goals not sabotaged.
In the example of the desire to cut back on sugar.  First, it must come from a genuine place of self love and self care as opposed to guilt and self judgement.  “My intention is to cut back on sugar because I want to feel better and improve my health.”  See how different that is from “I need to cut back on sugar because I am fat and need to lose weight.”  If you genuinely want to make the changes out of self care and self improvement then your subconscious will assist you in ways you can’t even imagine.  How does that work?  You may suddenly meet a new friend who just happens to be a nutritionist, or find an article about healthy snacks that inspires you.  You may mysteriously lose a desire for sweets and find yourself reaching for better alternatives because you want to not because you should.
What does the affirmation look like to support this intention?  “I make healthy choices with ease.”   “I naturally make the best choices for myself.”
Now that you understand the secret, just think of what you can intend for yourself this year.  Make it great.


  • Mariya says:

    Dearest pam,
    Thank you for the helpful article on intention setting and power of the subconcious mind. My question here is about subliminal audios which seem to be very popular on youtube these days, do they actually work? They claim to be reaching the subconcious directly bypassing rational and conscious thought or reason. Your reply will be very helpful.

    • Pam says:

      Hi Mariya I do believe that the subconscious mind works something like a computer and can be reprogramed most easily while in Theta state. We can still work on reprograming while in normal conscious state, though with affirmations and during meditation.

  • Olivia says:

    practical advise.

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