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Psychic Detective

As a psychic detective,

I work both with families as well as law enforcement to help them in solving puzzling crimes and distressing missing persons cases. Being an experienced and highly trained psychic detective, I am often able to unveil information that may otherwise be unavailable to investigators or loved ones. My insights and skills have proven valuable on countless investigations to help detectives and families unearth answers and move their case forward.

Missing Persons Cases

I specialize in working on missing person cases.

I specialize in working on missing person cases. My unique approach to working a missing person case is a systematic one, with the goal of visualizing and describing the missing person’s location in enough detail to enable investigators or searchers to identify the location I’ve described.

In essence:

  • I can psychically tune-in to the current physical status of the missing person.
  • I can describe in extensive detail the current location of the missing person.


  • I can often explain the scenario that caused them to go missing.
  • I am certified in Search and Rescue and often assist with on-site searches and investigations.

Criminal Case Investigations

When assisting with a criminal case,

I can work remotely with a photo of the victim or physically walk around a crime scene and psychically replay the crime that took place. This enables me to understand the events that occurred and see who took part or whether there were witnesses to the crime.

Having assisted law enforcement agencies around the world, I am familiar with ways that I can be most helpful to detectives working a case.

With 25+ years of experience in homicide, I have considerable knowledge to answer questions that detectives may have about specific details from crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Giving descriptions of perpetrators to assist in identification.
  • Recounting the most helpful details to recreate crime scenarios.
  • Identifying specific weapons and vehicles.
  • The ability to track fugitives in real time.
  • Determining if a suspect is violent or non-violent.
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