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I have many titles

psychic detective, intuitive
reader, spiritual teacher,
speaker, author, mother of three,
and dog mom.

I am best known as a psychic detective and constant champion for families of the missing through my work on television.

I am equally passionate about providing answers to everyone, not just those who find themselves in traumatic circumstances. Whether you are feeling foggy, confused, or just need verification, I am here to help you find your next best steps.

I also help others grow and nurture their own spiritual strengths. Empowering others and teaching them to access their own intuition is one of my passions.

Connecting others to their own inner
wisdom brings me great joy.

Watch Pam demonstrate remote viewing live on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

The first half of my life was relatively normal and by my early 30’s, I had a husband, three kids, two cats, and a dog.

Life was busy, so when I started having intense dreams I thought I was just under too much stress.

Then, in 1996, my life took an unexpected left turn after dreaming of the location of a local missing woman. When I stepped forward and helped the search party locate her, an amazing path unfolded before me. I stumbled right into the life I was meant to live rather than the one I had planned.

I soon found myself working on some of the nation’s highest profile cases and learning as much about crime, forensics, and missing persons as meditation, intuition, and spiritual healing. Several television shows have documented my work over the years, live on-camera, most notably Sensing Murder for Investigation Discovery.

In 2013, I became the first female president of IRVA, the International Remote Viewing Association. I currently sit as Vice President and enjoy teaching others the fascinating tool the military developed in secret for 20 years.

I remember sitting in school one day and a teacher wrote a quote on the chalkboard. I can’t recall the exact quote but it was about leaving your mark on the world. In that moment, I decided I was going to do just that. I wanted to make a difference, somehow. I was 12.

I’m a little different

than your average psychic because I’m also certified in search and rescue. Spending time in nature is a large part of what keeps me balanced, so searching for the missing is a natural fit.

When I need to unwind, you will find me on the beach with my dog, Boris, being soothed by the powerful pull of the ocean.

Boris’ high energy and intelligence make him a great partner. (If he was a door to door salesman, I would buy whatever he was selling just to get him to go away!) Boris alerts me to wildlife or approaching humans and checks areas I don’t want to go into. He even retrieved a backpack that had rolled down the mountain without being instructed. Good boy!

How can I help?

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