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I’m Pam Coronado

and you’ve definitely come to the right place if you are looking for answers to some of life’s difficult decisions.

I believe

intuition is a powerful and unlimited resource in problem solving to provide answers to a whole host of issues, such as:

Am I on the right track in my career?
Should I buy the house I am considering?
How can I improve my love, family, and work relationships?
How do I develop my own intuition?
I have a missing loved one. Can you help me?

Daily Psychic Challenge

Practice sensing colors, shapes, textures, smells, and sounds. These are the basic building blocks of intuitive perception and are fun to work with. A random card will show telling you which perception you are practicing: Color, Shape, Texture, Smell, or Sound. Then, focus internally before clicking on the card to reveal your answer and feedback. For more complex challenges, visit the Resources page.

Pick Random Card







Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Teaching others to step into their own unlimited potential is an important part of my work.

I love teaching all aspects of intuitive development, the basics, forensics, remote viewing, and mediumship. After all, we are all intuitive beings.

Pam has demonstrated her skills on live
television for several networks, including:

A&E, Biography Channel, and Discovery Channel.

Sunday august 14th 3:30 PM Pacific

Learn How to Read People More Accurately
and Resolve Common Sensing Blocks

Pam Coronado teams up for the first time with psychic medium and spiritual teacher Fernando “Ferny” Marron to instruct students who want to improve their skills and abilities to offer accurate readings for clients. This class offers something for both beginners and more seasoned readers. This workshop will cover many skills, including:

  • Managing your ego and pressure when sensing during a reading
  • Distinguishing imaginative narrative from actual details
  • Your personal symbology and how to apply it during readings
  • Setting aside your own bias and opinions

Guest teacher Ferny Marron is an established professional psychic medium and spiritual teacher. He began his journey to develop his intuitive skills during his teenage years when he was prompted by an inner voice to prepare for an impending house fire. That guidance saved his life and propelled him toward his spiritual work and development. In 2012, he opened his practice and has been a full-time, professional psychic medium ever since.

If your schedule or time zone does not permit you to attend the live class on August 14th, you can participate via the class recording.


I use my highly-trained psychic ability to assist others in making the best decisions for all manner of life choices, providing answers that inspire and enable people to move forward in their lives. I also help others grow and nurture their own spiritual strengths.

Teaching others to access and use their own intuition is a rewarding aspect of my work.

I work

with both families and law enforcement to provide answers and insight into missing person and puzzling crime cases.

While detectives solve cases, my work has proven valuable on countless investigations.