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Mar 8, 2022 • By Pamela Coronado


Happy March!

The month has gotten off to a tense start and I’ve been hearing from many of you about the stress and anxiety from yet another unknown threat: nuclear war. During crisis, humans tend to have one of two responses, especially if we are sensitive empaths. We either avoid the horrifying images of war flashing across our news feeds or we follow obsessively. I understand both of these reactions. I tend to follow closely because I usually have precognitive thoughts and feelings as things unfold and seeing what is coming makes me feel somewhat safer.

Last weekend, Trevor Wall and I taught a class on healing stress and trauma which you can purchase¬†here. The path to peace is always in your own thoughts about what is happening because you can’t control other people or circumstances. You have to find the calm within and let it radiate out, and the more of us, the more powerful! I have also found that taking some concrete action to help always makes me feel better.

I just so happen to know quite a few military men who have been to war and, surprisingly, we share a meditation technique called “Sanctuary.” I was stunned to learn that soldiers who must find enough inner peace to sleep in the midst of a dangerous battle, use the same technique that I use and teach. If they can do it under such extreme circumstances, we can do it. In sanctuary, you mentally go to the most beautiful, safe place you can conjure in your mind. Spend time there and immerse yourself fully in the experience. You will come out feeling replenished.

Please pray for peace, all of you prayer warriors.

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