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How to Support the Grieving and Understand Ambiguous Loss (Webinar recording)

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Some things can’t be fixed, but they can be carried.” –Megan Devine

If you have never suffered the loss of someone close, count yourself very fortunate. Regrettably, that day will come for all of us. However, if you haven’t been in those painful shoes, it’s easy to unintentionally make a misstep when trying to support others who are. When someone is in the early stages of grief, the world seems to move in slow motion and everything is amplified. They are so open and vulnerable in that moment that your actions and words will make a deeper imprint, for good or bad, than you ever imagined. Knowing how to navigate this complex time and bring real comfort is a skill we all need.

For those who want to work in forensics and assist the families of victims, there is the additional trauma of violence or the never ending slog of the unknown, also called ambiguous loss, that we need to know how to navigate. You will hopefully never know exactly what it feels like to live through this experience but you can learn to be a healing force for those who need help finding meaning and discovering hope in the face of ambiguous losses.

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