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Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing (Webinar Recording)

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Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing

(Webinar Recording)

Each class runs approximately 2 hours.

Prerequisite: None

Controlled Remote viewing is a trainable mental process in which an individual can collect information about any undisclosed target- such as a person, place, object or event. The viewer, working under scientific protocol describes the target that is inaccessible through normal senses due to distance, time or shielding. No natural psychic ability is required to learn remote viewing and CRV is a powerful tool for natural psychics.

This 3 class course will cover each stage up through stage 3, including the interim summary.

Stage 1: Cool down, major gestalts, and ideograms.

Stage 2: Working with ideograms and basic sensory perceptions

Stage 3: Aesthetic Impact (AI) and sketching, capturing the dimensional qualities.

Pam will discuss these concepts in depth, to combine with your online assignments.


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