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Psychometry: Reading Objects Through Touch (Webinar recording)


This webinar covers the basics of psychometry.  Psychometry is the ancient art of reading the energy of an object through touch, an extremely useful and fascinating tool.  Researchers believe that an object carries an energetic imprint of its owner that can be accessed by a trained psychometrist. Jewelry and keys for example, will tell you about their owner and can be used in personal readings and/or missing person cases.  Such impressions may include images, sounds, smells, tastes, emotions, and even a replay of past events.  You may have seen Pam demonstrate psychometry week after week on her show, Sensing Murder.

As you access a record of their history, rocks can show you where they came from, murder weapons can show you a recording of the crime they were involved in, and bones can show you who they belonged to (which can be a great asset for John Doe mysteries.) Psychometry can even help unravel history through archeology.

No objects are mailed to you. This class discusses theory and gives demonstration only.


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