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Reading Photos

If you missed the recent live class that sold out, How To Read Photos with Pam Coronado and John Holland, you’ll be glad to hear that the webinar recording is now available for rent!

We’re all equipped with a highly-tuned inner-guidance system: our intuitive psychic abilities. Reading photographs is a different way to use this ability. Photographs hold a subtle energy within them and once you develop the skill of photo reading, you’re not just looking at a photo, you’re looking into it and letting it tell you its story through images, feelings, words, and thoughts.  No previous psychic or intuition training is needed to learn this skill and this is a life skill everyone can benefit from. Photo readings have been used for missing person cases, online dating, pet readings, and connecting to loved ones on the other side.

Click this link for more information and to rent the How to Read Photos webinar recording: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/photoreading.

Classes with Pam Coronado

Pam offers a variety of online classes for those who are inspired to learn more and be more. Learn to improve your own intuition and sharpen your intuitive tools. You can even learn skills and best practices to be a psychic detective. Choose from Live classes or previously recorded classes available as digital downloads.

Note about time zones: Many of Pam Coronado’s students live all over the world in many time zones. Some students who live in a time zone that makes it inconvenient to attend the live class can participate via the class recordings. All live classes are recorded and sent to enrolled students. Students that do not attend live classes are still able to use the class page in Google classroom to interact with Pam and fellow students, get assignments, and turn in homework.

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