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Advanced Psychic Detective (Live) (Wednesdays June 2024)

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Class runs June 5th- 26th
Webinar live classes held on Wednesdays during June at 7:00 p.m. Eastern / 4:00 p.m. Pacific on these days: June 7 (Friday), 12th, 19th, 26th
Each class runs approximately 2 hours.
ATTENTION: The first class will be on Friday 7th, and then switch to Weds the following week.PREREQUISITE: This class has a prerequisite of Intermediate Psychic Detective with Pam Coronado.

You’ve completed Pam Coronado’s classes for the Beginning and Intermediate levels of Psychic Detective. Now it is time to put what you’ve learned into practice! Unlike the Beginning and Intermediate classes which are lectures, the Advanced level class has you take the skills you have learned and actually use them on cases. This class provides a safe space to practice and strengthen what you learned during lectures in the previous courses.
Join Pam and fellow students in a virtual classroom/blog setting to practice your psychic detective skills. In this class we will practice describing perpetrators, describing locations in missing person’s work, determining Dead or Alive in missing person cases, describing vehicles, and determining if a suspect is violent or not. This class uses solved cases so that you can receive proper feedback and learn to tell the difference between real intuition and imagination or mental noise.
Note: If you prefer a class that is based on lectures instead of actual practice, you can retake the Intermediate level Psychic Detective class when it is offered. Some students find this option preferable and you are welcome to do so.
This class is taught by Pam Coronado.

Customer Reviews

  1. Marti Melville (verified owner)

    The information provided in this class is matchless. Pam’s ability to teach, using humor and grace, allows for students of all levels to enjoy a positive learning experience with each class.

  2. Paula DeBenedetto (verified owner)

    The Advanced Psychic Detective class is phenomenal! Although the subject matter is most often quite serious Pam has the ability to maintain a fun, inspirational, supportive and non threatening learning environment. And, she is funny….. Pam has an excellent sense of humor.

    I find the students in the class to be supportive of each other, they are a great group of people. I also believe this is a reflection of Pam and her non threatening teaching style.

    In the Advanced class we post our answers to the assignments for all students to see and I have found this to be an excellent way to learn from each other as well as from Pam. In addition to working on assignments to strengthen our psychic skills we also have opportunities to enhance our drawing skills.

    I highly recommend this class.

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