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Introduction to Your Personal Road Map- Birth Chart (Webinar recording)


There is a plan for your life and it is laid on in detail in your birth chart.  I think of birth charts as individual as fingerprints.  First are the personal planets.  Your Sun sign and the house it falls in tells who you really are, your true self.  Your Moon sign describes your emotional needs in order to feel secure and nurtured.  The third leg of you, is your rising sign and this is how you present yourself to others, especially new people.  Mercury rules your mind and communication, Venus rules your love life, and Mars rules your drive and overall energy. The signs and houses they fall in give the details.

The outer planets tell less about who you are and more about your life journey.  Jupiter rules luck and progress, Saturn rules your fears and self-discipline, Uranus rules change, Neptune rules dreams and how you heal, and Pluto rules your power and transformation. The placement of these planets can suggest what you have to look forward to in these areas.

Many people are fascinated by what you can learn about yourself through astrology but quickly become overwhelmed by the technical aspects.  I will explain in layman terms to help you grasp the basics and keep it fun, fascinating and insightful.


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