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In the world of intuitive studies, Pam Coronado is the Professional’s Professional. In her down-to-earth approach, you learn so much: from the basics of utilizing your intuition, to recognizing information that lies just beneath the surface of a photograph, to how to strengthen intuition and develop it further. Taking her classes is a rich experience where you learn not only from her, but from your classmates also. 

Deborah D. 

I have taken Pam’s Beginning Psychic Detective class and now I’m in her Advanced Psychic Detective Class. We’re actually working on some real missing and cold cases. I feel both valued in this class and valuable to society here.

Leslie C. 

I really loved all of Pam’s classes! I think the most unique thing about Pam’s classes is that she tests us. I really enjoyed all of the testing process as I found it to be more scientific than any other course I have done before. 

Tegan M. 

Pam creates a supportive environment to develop and hone your skills. Her wisdom and artistry is taught with laughter and enthusiasm in an evolving adventure. 

Karina L.

The experience I had as a student in Pam’s Advanced Psychic Detective class was just as wonderful as all the other classes I’d taken with her.  Pam’s down-to-earth, supportive nature makes learning so relaxing and easy.  Her teaching is consistently thorough and she’s approachable and fun!  I look forward to each weekly class with Pam and am grateful to learn and grow with her guidance.

 Treacy C.

“Pam has a wealth of practical experience she shares with her students in the most humble way. The subjects she teaches are in many ways as equally important as those taught in universities. She deals deeply with how the subconscious works and how to access the “invisible” through constant practice of her finely honed techniques. This knowledge is applied to her very practical investigative and detective work and she warmly encourages her students to develop their own skills to solve real everyday problems with these newly gained tools.”

Chantal T.

I LOVE Pam’s classes! I have taken classes from many intuitive teachers and find Pam’s have been the best classes to really help me grow and develop my intuitive abilities. The Psychic Detective classes offer weekly, hands-on experience which allow you to repeatedly practice and develop your abilities and gain confidence while creating a network of peers. I highly recommend Pam’s classes if you are serious about strengthening your intuitive abilities.

Debra C.

Pam‘s Psychic Detective classes are the best experience for me. I‘ve been her student for six months now and I‘ve learned so much. I live in Europe, so I watch the recordings and this is absolutely no problem. 

Pam is a great teacher. I love her sense of humor and I recommend her classes to anyone interested in Psychic Detective work.

Maria G.

I always leave class feeling encouraged and excited to learn more. 

Joni R.

With her considerable depth of knowledge and ‘real world’ experience, I was excited to be able to attend Pam’s classes.  She is an inspiring, encouraging, patient, and supportive teacher.  I appreciate her grounded approach – not to mention her sense of humor!  Highly recommended. 

Susan V.

Thank you to Pam for this amazing reading!! So many things were so right on I just could not believe it. So appreciate all of it!
with humble gratitude,
Gina A.

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