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Learn to Read Physical Crime Scenes


Note: This unique, in-person learning opportunity is offered only for Pam Coronado’s Advanced Psychic Detective students.

Location: Bangor, Maine
May 19th to May 21st
Availability: Only 15 spots

Pam Coronado and a small group of her Advanced Psychic Detective students will visit 4 crime scenes in the Bangor, Maine area over two days during May 2023.  You will receive individual instruction from Pam as you stand in the energy of a crime scene and learn to recreate the events that took place there.  We will discuss the cases and findings as a group and tour the area a bit, too!  

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity offered only to Pam’s Advanced Psychic Detective students. Come and meet Pam and your fellow students in person.  

The fee for this immersive, in-person class is $250.  This covers only the class and instruction. You are responsible for your own travel, accommodations, and all other expenses.

Availability is limited! Only 15 spots will be made available, and when they are gone, the class will be sold out. Be sure to grab yours right away so you do not miss out.


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