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How to Unlock the Brilliance of Your Dreams (Live) (Tuesdays December)


NOTE: All December classes run through December 15th. This class meets on the first two Tuesdays in December.

Class runs December 1st through 15th.
Webinar live classes held on Tuesdays during December at 5:30 p.m. Pacific / 8:30 p.m. Eastern on these days: the 6th and 13th.
Each class runs approximately 2 hours.

During this special two-week class you will learn about dream interpretation, how to incubate and remember your dreams, and the difference between, prophetic, empathic and personal message dreams. Discover the language of your own subconscious through retrospect.

Learn and how to understand the main message of your dream.

  •       Title or summary
  •       Feelings/emotions
  •       Actions
  •       Associations and characters
  •       Background symbols (details)
  •       Puns

We will also preselect a few dreams to interpret for the class.


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