Philip Hunt

"Pam was recommended to me by another Psychic who told me that she is the best there is. Pam used her formidable skills as both a Psychic and Medium to help me through a very difficult time. She is unbelievably accurate and detailed in what she is able to see and her predictions have proved to be shockingly precise and correct. Pam is a caring and dedicated professional who gives you her all every time, I can’t recommend her highly enough." - Philip Hunt

Van Pittsenbargar

Pam Coronado blessed me recently with an insightful reading. She immediately created an atmosphere of ease and openness with humor and insight into a previously foreign realm of experience for me. She answered my specific questions and elaborated in basic terms which allowed me to more understand the process of contacting and communicating with loved ones as well as providing direction for circumstances currently impacting my life and goals moving forward. Pam is a genuinely friendly person whom I am pleased to have had the pleasure of meeting in such an enlightening and life-changing way. And I look forward to our next meeting soon. Van Pittsenbargar Las Cruces, New Mexico

Cathy Elizabeth

I have been very fortunate to have had several readings with Pam. Her readings are extremely accurate, providing invaluable and amazing insights into a variety of areas. I have found Pam to be an honest, trustworthy and compassionate person with a high level of integrity.

Susan Walters

Pam's insights into all aspects of life are always done with the highest degree of accuracy. She is compassionate, full of integrity and the knowledge and wisdom she imparts, whether it is for the present or the future is positively life-changing.

John Holland

Pam is one of the best psychic detectives I know. She is reputable, compassionate and has a high degree of accuracy and integrity. I also love this woman!

John Holland
Psychic Medium

Leticia Slade

Pam is an extraordinary and genuine psychic and I found her to be accurate. She is sincere and compassionate. Pam has a warm, comfortable and loving energy and helped me through critical periods in my life. She is also able to predict future events. I highly recommend her services.

Jamie Barnes

I’ve had multiple readings with Pam because she is absolutely the most insightful, accurate, and compassionate psychic medium I’ve ever met. I value her insight and wisdom and leave every reading excited about the future.


I reached out to Pam Coronado for a personal reading because I needed reliable guidance during a difficult time--and I had heard that she was the top of her field and extremely accurate in her ability to see & feel remotely. Pam is not only gifted in her craft, however; she is also unbelievably kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, and generous. Not only has talking with her offered me concrete guidance, I have consistently left my sessions feeling grounded, clear, and at ease. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to see the truth of a situation and needing it to be held in loving hands.

Call Pam to gain clarity and discover your next best steps. Pam will give you insight into the hearts and motives of the people in your life, romantic partners, children, family, friends, co-workers, bosses and anyone you wish to understand better.
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